Adam (amgb2) wrote,


So, this morning, in lieu of doing useful things, such as packing up all my stuff to move house, I reread all my old Livejournal entires (202 of them—when did I ever write that much?).

Here's me in December 2003:

I'm starting to feel old, though; I'll still be only 20 next year, but for lot of my contemporaries, by which I mean those in my schoolyear, this was their last wonderland. I'm starting to worry about losing touch, not with the friends I've had through DFs for years, but with the ones who I'll have barely had time to get to know before I have to leave. Global Village 2006 is going to be incredibly timely in this respect, but unless the Kinsfolk network get their act together I'm not sure I'll be able to keep getting my woodcraft fix.

And again in August 2004:

Again and again I go without Woodcraft for a while and get sidetracked or let my enthusiasm wane, and then I go back to something like DF Camp and am amazed at how happy I am there. Woodcraft-related programme was a little light this year, but I had a great and relaxed time with both old and new friends despite the inevitable rain and mud.

It really doesn't seem like I've changed all that much.
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