Adam (amgb2) wrote,

Statistics brought to life

So, facebook now has this thing called 'facebook lexicon' where you can compare the relative frequency of use of certain words in conversations over the past year. Check this out:

sex vs. chocolate

The two words have a roughly comparable baseline frequency, with 'sex' always getting just a little more talk-time than 'chocolate'. There's a tiny peak where 'chocolate' rises above 'sex' on Hallowe'en, a couple of similarly tiny ones throughout advent, a bigger one at Christmas, and then a huge one on Valentine's Day and an absolutely massive one at Easter.

Interestingly, there's no more talk of sex than usual on Valentine's Day, and a notable dip at Christmas. Guess no-one's in the mood after all those big dinners.

ETA: Also amusing is the pronounced dip in the use of the word 'birthday' on the last day of February this year.
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