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So, yeah, I'm back. I will, I guess, try to write about Global Village in the next few days, although I may fail. Imagine if this journal was actually any kind of complete record of what I did with my life.

I'm posting now because there's this bigass Climate Action Camp happening in Megawatt Valley at the end of August, and it looks like I really awesome opportunity and I'm quite jazzed about the idea of going, but I don't at present know of anyone else who's going at all and the prospect of turning up there entirely on my lonesome is just a wee bit daunting. So (and this question is aimed primarily at Woodcraft people reading this but you never know and it would be a pleasant surprise to discover others), is anyone planning on going or knows anyone who I know but who might not be reading this who is?

To those whom this may concern, I note that the camp starts a couple of days after DF Camp ends, but the start of it overlaps with the Leeds and Reading festivals.
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