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Back from DF Camp, et al.

Again and again I go without Woodcraft for a while and get sidetracked or let my enthusiasm wane, and then I go back to something like DF Camp and am amazed at how happy I am there. Woodcraft-related programme was a little light this year, but I had a great and relaxed time with both old and new friends despite the inevitable rain and mud. I won't go into detail about everything that happened, as most of what I'd want to talk about would be remembered by everyone who was there and incomprehensible to everyone who wasn't, but: mao, mafia, massage, pubbing, poi, barbeque, bouncy castle, campfire songs, drinking games, dancing to cheesy music, secret meals of Doritos shared in tents in the dark, an epic journey to home and back in a day for my grandma's 80th birthday, the Austria workshop, the scarily encouraging number of people interesting in working on MESTUP 2005. If anyone reading this has any photos or the like from camp up on the web (apart from Kat's photos and pookatimes' quotebook), let me know?

Leeds festival wasn't a disappointment - we (the DF workers beer contingent) got to work on the Dreamtime bar opposite the main stage again, and that's where most of the acts I wanted to see were playing, so I wasn't in danger of missing anything. Green Day on Friday night were fun; Saturday night had on-paper the best lineup with Ash, the Offspring and the Darkness. Unfortunately I was a bit preoccupied during most of the Offspring's set with a moody station manager who claimed that half our team had 'attitude problems', and the Darkness could have been better, although I'm not really sure how a band who've only released on 40-minute album were ever supposed to carry off a 90-minute set. Also saw (on my own, this time, since everyone else was watching Morrissey) Goldfinger on Sunday evening, who rocked. But the best act of the weekend by far was Reel Big Fish on Saturday afternoon who I went to see with a small band of dedicated fans and a couple of others who had no idea what was going on at all, but ended up enjoying it just as much as the rest of us.

After an early night last night, I was back at work this morning (in the office on time, for once) to discover that nothing has really changed at all. Paul has found me a few new feature requests to deal with, which should keep me going for the next couple of days unless I work too hard, and then they only have to occupy me for another two weeks. Also need to reclaim quite a lot of my pay from the clutching fingers of the Inland Revenue.

Since my computer is now overheating with astonishing regularity, I've also been taking a bit of time out at home to do non-computer-related things. I put in a good stint of poi practice this evening, and it feels like I'm getting quite a lot better. I've taken to using the fire poi most of the time now, since the extra weight makes them nicer to play with, and I went and found my digital camera so I could see (in shockingly poor quality, but nonetheless) how I actually look. Have discovered that I can do quite a lot of tricks I was unsure about (waterfall left- as well as right-handed, mexican wave or whatever it is going forwards as well as in reverse, although still no threading the needle). Tempted to start keeping a poi diary. Also, I need to buy some paraffin and demonstrate the safety of fire poi to my parents to stop them fretting all the time whenever I mention it.

Right now, have just finished catching up on LJ and now need to go and do productive Woodcraft-related things in case my post-camp inspiration fades or I forget. Was also meant to be watching Human Traffic with Naomi, but we decided to put it off until Thursday instead.

Oh, and I'm rapidly running out of non-holey socks.
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