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Winter Wonderland was fun.

Last year's Wonderland left me slightly hollow, somehow; I don't think I was prepared for the number of new faces there, just at the point when I was feeling like I knew most of the active DFs (and also the fact that playing mao for eight hours straight on at least two days broke my brain). This year, by contrast, was fantastic: the group I'd think of as my generation were there more or less without exception, having now mostly finished their gap-year travelling and other absences, but also there was a big influx of new DFs I've known as venturers who've turned out to be just as keen and fun and generally lovely. Plus, unless I was just subconsciously self-censoring their existences, there didn't seem to be the usual little cliques of antisocials who see WW as an event where you turn up, find a secluded corner and sit there smoking pot and not talking to anyone else for three days.

I'm starting to feel old, though; I'll still be only 20 next year, but for lot of my contemporaries, by which I mean those in my schoolyear, this was their last wonderland. I'm starting to worry about losing touch, not with the friends I've had through DFs for years, but with the ones who I'll have barely had time to get to know before I have to leave. Global Village 2006 is going to be incredibly timely in this respect, but unless the Kinsfolk network get their act together I'm not sure I'll be able to keep getting my woodcraft fix.

Specific points: lots of the new Sheffield DFs were there; I ought to get involved with things in Sheffield again for when I'm back here between terms. Zero people from the East, so I have my work cut out for me getting people together for Eastern Forum in March, but I knew that anyway. I got to play with fire poi, which was pretty fun but left me feeling dwarfed by the superior poi-skills of the others there. I got suitably drunk for new year last night, and Harry as DJ provided us with suitable doses of Children of the Night and the other traditional songs to see the year in with. Naomi (my sister, although Naomi H happily put in an appearance too) was also there again; I get the impression she enjoyed this year more. Wonderland is always (and probably inevitably) a more cliquey event than, say, DF camp, but I get the impression that the atmosphere this year would have been a bit more welcoming to the (relative) newcomer. Still a shame she wasn't at camp this summer, but she seems to have made up her mind to come to the Northeast activity weekend in February, so I'm fairly sure I'm bringing her up right in this regard.

Discovered that I still kick ass at Ratchet Screwdriver, but something vaguely terrible seems to have happened to my shoulder as a result; it's been rather painful to move all day. It felt rather like it got somehow pulled out of the socket (less awful than it sounds, since I can do something similar voluntarily anyway) and then knocked back in as I made a desperate dive across the room.

Also, nothing awful happened on the train journey home. I wonder what's happened to my bad luck?
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