Temporal void

Holy crap, I haven't updated this since last August? And, I mean, on the front page of my journal there is (or was, since I guess this one pushes it off) still a post saying I'm not working as a researcher at the CL anymore and to stop using my @cam email address? I mean, I've gone back to uni and left again since then. I guess I should get with the times and move to Twitter or something.


So, this morning, in lieu of doing useful things, such as packing up all my stuff to move house, I reread all my old Livejournal entires (202 of them—when did I ever write that much?).

Here's me in December 2003:

I'm starting to feel old, though; I'll still be only 20 next year, but for lot of my contemporaries, by which I mean those in my schoolyear, this was their last wonderland. I'm starting to worry about losing touch, not with the friends I've had through DFs for years, but with the ones who I'll have barely had time to get to know before I have to leave. Global Village 2006 is going to be incredibly timely in this respect, but unless the Kinsfolk network get their act together I'm not sure I'll be able to keep getting my woodcraft fix.

And again in August 2004:

Again and again I go without Woodcraft for a while and get sidetracked or let my enthusiasm wane, and then I go back to something like DF Camp and am amazed at how happy I am there. Woodcraft-related programme was a little light this year, but I had a great and relaxed time with both old and new friends despite the inevitable rain and mud.

It really doesn't seem like I've changed all that much.

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Venturer Camp was totally the best thing ever.

Did anyone try to phone me at my grandparents' in the Lake District last Tuesday evening? Apparently just before I arrived, a "young woman" phoned, asking for Adam, and said she'd call back, which she never did. I'm somewhat confused, though, since I don't remember ever even giving my grandparents' number to anyone who might have been trying to call me there.

Statistics brought to life

So, facebook now has this thing called 'facebook lexicon' where you can compare the relative frequency of use of certain words in conversations over the past year. Check this out:

sex vs. chocolate

The two words have a roughly comparable baseline frequency, with 'sex' always getting just a little more talk-time than 'chocolate'. There's a tiny peak where 'chocolate' rises above 'sex' on Hallowe'en, a couple of similarly tiny ones throughout advent, a bigger one at Christmas, and then a huge one on Valentine's Day and an absolutely massive one at Easter.

Interestingly, there's no more talk of sex than usual on Valentine's Day, and a notable dip at Christmas. Guess no-one's in the mood after all those big dinners.

ETA: Also amusing is the pronounced dip in the use of the word 'birthday' on the last day of February this year.

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So they cast Eddie Izzard as Reepicheep?

That's either genius or a total disaster, and now I have to see the damn movie just to find out which.

I am such a ... well, I don't know what this says about me

... but this made me laugh out loud for several minutes:

Just as liberal feminists are frequently content with a minimal agenda of legal and social equality for women and 'pro-choice', so liberal (and even some socialist) mathematicians are often content to work within the hegemonic Zermelo-Fraenkel framework (which, reflecting its nineteenth-century liberal origins, already incorporates the axiom of equality) supplemented only by the axiom of choice.

For the context, which is not sincere, see here.